• Cold Pressed safflower Oil 5 L-(Lakdighani Oil)

Kardai oil is an organic pure wooden ghana oil which is natural, lakdi ghana oil. Safflower oil has a neutral flavor, making it an ideal choice for many recipes.

CharakAshtanga Safflower oil is pure, cold pressed oil made from the seeds of the Carthamus tinctorius botanical, a relative of Sunflower. Safflower is native to India and has been a popular choice for healthy lifestyle.

1. It is useful in hair care and skin care, Controls cholesterol lakdi ghana oil.

2. Safflower oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids.It has a neutral flavor that pairs well with many dishes and cuisines.

3. Safflower oil also contains a high amount of Vitamin E which reduces respiratory problems, helps blood circulation, and strengthens the immune system.

4. It protects heart health,prevents diabetes,helps in weight loss.

    Unrefined, No Additives

    Oils are extracted using traditional wood press which involves crushing the oil seeds at low temperatures without additives.

    Cholesterol Free

    100% Cholesterol Free, which means a healthier substitute for refined oil & relief from cardiovascular problems.

    Full of Nutrients

    Cold press technique retains flavor, aroma, and nutritional values of the seeds/nuts making these oils great for your health. 

    100% RAW

    Pure fruits, nuts & seeds! That’s the only ingredient used in our oils, that too in their very pure & raw form.

    Packed with Antioxidants

    Organic antioxidants are a natural way of getting Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene, good for anti-aging and skincare.

    Zero Trans-Fat

    Cold-pressed essentially means there is no heating or chemical processing, hence the oil is devoid of trans-fat.

    1. Premium Quality  ingredients, unrefined, chemical-free hygienic processes to provide genuine


    2. Use of techniques like Cold Press, Stone Grinder, Mortar Pestle, Sun Drying, etc

    3. Natural, Whole & Unrefined food retain more nutrients than conventionally produced food.

    4. All by-products after processing are used as livestock feed, thus leaving zero leftovers

    5. Supports natural, organic agricultural practices that serve and protect Mother Nature.

    6. Our endeavor is to create not just the best products but the best lifestyle.


    Native names of Safflower are Karadi, Kusumba which is most popular in Uttar Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra.


    Fatty Acids are essential for hormone regulation and memory boost.


    Both oils contain high amount of unsaturated fats but only safflower oil remains stable at higher temperatures.



    100% Pure & Natural


    1 L

    Ingredient Type




    Oil Type

    Lakdighani / Cold Pressed



    -Can we heat cold pressed oil during cooking?

    Yes, most of these oils have high smoking point making it excellent for Indian cuisine high heat cooking. In-fact, these are the only oils used traditionally in Indian recipes.

    -Does cold pressed oil reduce oil consumption in the kitchen?

    Yes, these oils have high density and are more viscous than Refined oil. On heating cold pressed oil, they expand and remain stable. Hence, the amount of oil required for saute, tadka, deep frying can be reduced. On an average, 40% reduction of oil consumption can be achieved by switching over to cold pressed oil.

    -Can we deep fry in this oil?

    Yes, Groundnut, Coconut, Safflower can be used for deep frying. In-fact, Safflower oil has the highest smoking point and is best for deep frying. We do not recommend deep frying in Sesame and Flax-seed Oil. Mustard oil has its peculiar pungent taste and is used for deep frying by few.

    -Why is refined oil bad?

    Rejected oil seeds can be used in production of refined oil as the extraction heavily depends on chemical processes of distillation, deodorizing, de-colouring and bleaching. Refined oil also consists of palm oil and mineral oil which is harmful for the body in longer run. These oils have induced health issues in the current society and reduced the average life span.

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    Cold Pressed safflower Oil 5 L-(Lakdighani Oil)

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